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Furnished studio for students and young professionals

Reserved 650,-p/mndall-in

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This independent studio is situated nearby the centre city of Tegelen and close to several supermarkets. 

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This furnished studio is perfect for students and young professionals who like more privicay and comfort. The studio has been renovated last year and is in a great condition. You can park for free in front of the house.

Students above the age of 23 can apply for rental allowance!

What is gonna happen after signing up?

  1. Fill-in all your personal info and upload the required documents
  2. Contracts gets prepared to sign
  3. You pay the first month of rent + deposit + contract fee. €1525 in total for this room
  4. You get the keys and you can move to your new room 🥳🎉

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1 others have registered, max. 5€650,-